Hello there!

I'm Kristen. I am a tall, enthusiastic, avid reader. I love dogs and the color yellow and Victor Hugo, and plan to open a coffee shop as my mid-life crisis. Thanks for checking out my portfolio and taking the time to get to know me.


I grew up in Bucks County, Pennsylvania (if you’ve ever seen M. Night Shamalan’s SIGNS, then you’ve seen my hometown).  

Currently based in Los Angeles, I am a passionate actor, writer, and creator that loves a good family drama or heartfelt sitcom. Since moving here in 2019, I have joined SAG-AFTRA, taken some exceptional classes (Groundlings, Killian's Workshop to name a few), and even appeared on the Disney Channel! Despite the setbacks of....well, 2020, I have found a way to stay creative by writing/producing/acting in short films with friends, and most recently writing and performing in an original full length play for the Hollywood Fringe Festival in June 2022 titled US AND YOU. I am ever tenacious, ever curious, and ever eager to start a new project.


I deeply value training, and during my time in school (B.A. Theatre) I regularly performed in the theatre productions, in student and local films, and with beloved improv troupe The VIP's (Varsity Improv Players). I produced my own plays Colors & Lines and Lemon Shaker Pie, and wrote for the sitcom Milwaukee Basic  while studying with incredible teachers such as Mark Paladini CSA (The MaskBabylon 5, 90210, and others), Dir. Michael Kirkland (SAFD, Virginia Beach Bash Coordinator), and Derek Leonidoff (Groundlings). 

Post grad, I moved back to Philadelphia and found a home in the theatre scene working with companies such as The Arden, Philadelphia Theatre Company, Philadelphia Artist Collective, Resident Theatre Company, Subscension Theatre Group, Shawnee Theatre, and Ethos Physical Theatre as an actor, stage manager, and collaborator.  I was cast in my first feature film KINGS out of Philadelphia, and worked on the AMC series Dispatches From Elsewhere, which inspired me to pursue film and television full time.

Which brings us to the present day and my career in Los Angeles! I love telling stories and I am passionate about cultivating a rich, vibrant, multifaceted life. Outside of my creative pursuits, I am an voracious reader ( I currently lead three different book clubs), I have two adorable dogs Penny and Bosley, and am married to the lovely Zach Phaneuf who is the production manager at Antaeus Theatre Company here in LA. We love writing together, producing plays and films together, and currently have a podcast Thank The Academy about the history of the Oscars!

I am so excited to share the adventures, projects, and opportunities I've had, and hope you'll check out my portfolio. 

Thanks for taking the time to learn about me. Let's make stuff together!

-Kristen Phaneuf

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