Hello there,


 I am a tall, starry-eyed, hopelessly enthusiastic, comfy girl. I love dogs and the color yellow and Victor Hugo, and plan to open a coffee shop as my mid-life crisis. 


I grew up in Bucks County, Pennsylvania (if you’ve ever seen M. Night Shamalan’s SIGNS, then you’ve seen my hometown).  


received my B.A. in theatre, and while in school, I produced my own plays Colors & Lines and Lemon Shaker Pie, wrote for the sitcom Milwaukee Basic, performed in both undergrad and graduate level productions, and studied with incredible teachers such as Mark Paladini (Casting Director for The MaskBabylon 5, 90210, and others), Jesus Moreno (Suzuki), Dir. Michael Kirkland (SAFD, Virginia Beach Bash Coordinator), and Derek Leonidoff (Groundlings LA). 

Post grad, I moved back to my home town of Philadelphia and delved into the artistic scene. I worked with companies such as Philadelphia Theatre Company, Philadelphia Artist Collective, Resident Theatre Company, Subscension Theatre Group, Shawnee Theatre, and Ethos Physical Theatre as an actor, stage manager, and collaborator.  


My feature film Kings with Jambalaya Productions will enter festival circuits Winter 2019, and my short film Monday with Graziano Productions has been critically acclaimed. You may have seen me in commercials for Janelle on Location and music videos for Jennie Michelle and A Bad Think. 

This October, I made the journey west to Los Angeles. I'm loving my new home in North Hollywood, and on arrival jumped head first into the aggressive industry. After finding great representation, I have been spending all my time auditioning, taking classes, and working with amazing film makers (okay, and snuggling my puppy Penny). I am so excited to share the adventures, projects, and opportunities I've had in just the past couple weeks, but for now, it'll have to remain a surprise.

-Kristen Phaneuf